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Our Compromise

Our company believes that a strong brand is built on values, ethics and respect.

In everything we do, we prioritize creating ecological products. We make conscious decisions to keep focused on quality handcraftsmanship in every collection.

This is why we have dedicated our time and effort to create a modern brand that represents the best of artisanship, innovation, technology and social responsibility.

Our philosophy has been built around the idea of building a brand that strives for excellence as well as one that is socially responsible.

Cotton Flowers

Eco Resolution

Sustainable Responsability Brand

Our brand values ​​respect the environment, our collections are carefully curated, in the selection of materials and slow fashion production processes. We have limited edition collections and our designer creates one piece per design for each runway collection. We use GOTS certified supima cotton and noble materials such as viscose, tencel, organic cotton, recycled materials and handmade fabrics by  loom. Luxury for all.

Wear your values

Campaign Reuse, reduce, recycle 

We need to protect our new generations and the planet needs it. For this reason, we have launched a campaign of ecological awareness "Wear your values" and because we believe that fashion can be a vehicle for environmental education, we have created a line of products with the aim of raising awareness in people about environmental protection.

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Workshoop and Campaing

Glenkora Comte has a personal initiative to create a course in the fall 2022 designed for children diagnosed with ADHD. Fashion design course for children from 7 to 12 years old. Classes and materials are free.

The purpose of the project is to promote creative education, to develop their self-esteem and confidence as well as their personal qualities, such as creativity, design thinking and team work, also about developing their cognitive skills. 

If you are interested about our project, please visit our blog.

We invite you to be a donor for this goal. For more information contact:

Supporting Artisans around the Word

Latino Fashion Designers Together

Since 2009, Glenkora Comte has been working with artisans from Ecuador, Mexico and Peru. From here comes the idea of working as a team with Latino fashion designers who work with artisans from rural areas. Especially with the impact that the Pandemic has caused in their daily life. This project is structured to sell in the United States.

Image by Jean Vella
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