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Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Farzana Niemann Executive Director

Cinderela on Fifth Avenue & The Farzana Foundation Inc.

The Cinderella on Fifth Avenue

Women's rights advocate, loving mother, socialite and more. Farzana's life is a collage of stories that cover genuine emotion, the escape from oppression and a world of glam.

The story tracks Farzana’s original activity as a fifteen-year veteran involved in the rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury as a Registered Nurse in Hamburg, Germany to her work in beauty, skin care and makeup after moving to New York in 2011, to her organization of The Farzana Foundation to provide humanitarian support to the people in Afghanistan.

Read more about the Farzana Foundation here:

Farzana Background:

Farzana is a passionate and accomplished veteran of the Healthcare Service Industry who, for the first fifteen years of her career, worked as a senior registered nurse at some of the most prestigious hospitals in the city of Hamburg, Germany, where her family settled after fleeing the ravages of war in her birth country of Afghanistan. Her initial experiences with complex surgery, focusing on managing the internal wellness of an individual, provided an invaluable foundation for her to then focus on the external wellness of the individual through attention to Skincare.


MODELS : Farzana - Founder of The Farzana Foundation Inc - a Nonprofit organization and CEO of the Reality Series - Cinderella on 5th Avenue in NYC.

Celina - ( Fashion model , actress ) @cecenima

Jamila - ( model, singer, actress) @j4mi1a

Inna Kachanko - @inna_kachanko

Makeover Artistry by Donna Sousa Productions :

Photographer: Marcos vasconcelos @marcosvasconcelosnyc

Wardrobe Designer : Glenkora Comte @glenkora_comte

Hat Designer : Kokin NewYork @kokinnewyork

Handbags : Avadora Mimouni Couture Collection @avadoramimouni

Celebrity Makeup Artist : Donna Sousa @makeoverartistry

Celebrity Hair Artist & Set Stylist : Amy Jo Richards @amyjorichards

Cinematrographer : Paulo L. Silva @onevagabond

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